BOR Rules

For Truck and Buggy rules, we follow SNORE's/Ultra 4's Rulebooks which can be found here:


Ultra 4:

For UTV rules, use the following

  1. 6 Point Roll-Cage (Factory Cage is OK, as long as it meets 6 point minimum)
  2. Side Panels/Doors (Doors must be secured to prevent accidental opening)
  3. Window Nets
  4. Roof Panel
  5. One 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher
  6. 5-Point Seat Belts - 2" or 3" Wide. 3" Preferred
  7. One Piece Fire-suit
  8. Helmet w/DOT or Snell. Eye Protection must be shatter resistant
  9. Gloves and Head and Neck Restraint are recommeneded
  10. Numbers on both sides of Vehicle. Numbers must be contrasting colors (White on Black, or Black on White preffered). Numbers must be readible from 25 feet away.
  11. Front and rear number not required, but encouraged. Front number should be on the roof panel.
  12. UTV Numbers should be in the 19XX range (Current numbers on UTV's also raced in LOORS, WORCS or other series will be accepted)

As always, if there are any questions, or if you'd like to have someone look over your vehicle before race day, feel free to contact any of the BOR Staff and we can set something up.