Jackpot - Registration Info

Registration for the BOR 2016 Jackpot 200 Miles of Hell is now officially open! I tried something a little bit different, so please let me know if you have issues.

Registration link: https://squareup.com/store/bonneville-off-road-racing/

If you've raced with BOR in the last three years, I should have you in our database, so no need to follow up with an email giving your registration info as long as I recognize the name on the credit card. If in doubt, please at least email me with your driver of record, class, phone number, and race number. The rest can be taken care of at the race.

If you paid for a membership at Vernal, you're covered for the year. Individual race memberships are $15 otherwise and apply to all drivers/codrivers. New memberships will be handled at the race. Early registration ends on June 24th. Late registration adds $50 to the fees listed below.

  • PRO Truck/Buggy - $500 early
  • Sportsman Truck Buggy - $375 early
  • PRO UTV - $375 early
  • Sportman UTV - $250 early

We'll be marking on Friday, July 1st for anyone who wants to help or get some eyes on the course. We are planning on a guided pre-run, but haven't finalized the schedule yet.
Thanks to everyone, and big thanks to the BLM here for helping us through the processes to keep us racing on our land!