Welcome to the New BOR site

We decided a bit of an update was in order, so as you can see, we've changed things around a bit.

Things that are changing:

The forums are gone. They were hardly used, so we're doing away with them. I spent more time cleaning spam off of them than anything. Most of the discussions take place on Facebook, anyway. For those of you who don't check Facebook, or aren't on it, all updates will be posted here, and then we'll link it to Facebook, so you wont miss anything. Currently, there is no commenting on articles posted here, but I will be changing that in the near future.

The layout and look have changed, as has our intention with the site. This version is much easier for us to post things to, so we will be able to make updates much more often. We have a lot more flexibility in the things we post, so we hope to be able to feature some more things. I have a few more ideas to work though with Nate and Kyle, but some of the things you can expect to see are Scouting Write Ups, Race Reports, and Meeting Recaps, as we well as a few other features. If you have any ideas or requests for us to feature, please send them to one of us, and we'll see what we can do.

Our articles wont be limited to just myself, Kyle, and Nate either. I hope to have a few guest writers in here as well (Tim Seward, looking at you here). Anyone who wants to work on something for here, feel free to let me know.

The Menu button in the upper right of the cover (It's hard to see currently, I'll be changing that), has links to our other pages, Staff, Rules, and Contact so far, and will soon have other pages as well.

For now, those are the major changes. If anything needs fixed, or there are any changes you think I should make, let me know by emailing me at curtis@bor-racing.org and I'll get on it.